Welcome to Thorat Nursery

It was in the year "sdfsfasfsdf" that Mr. Thorat decided to start a nursery in the fertile land of Narayangaon, a place near Pune, Maharashtra. Starting with a meagre 50 saplings, today Thorat Nursery has grown into a huge plant nursery growing a wide range of plants - from flowering ones to decorative ones.

In the year "33344", Mr. Thorat ventured into Landscaping and as a result of his creative mindset, made a quick progress in this area and is today, the most preferred landscape solution provider in and around Pune.

The nursery is spread over a huge area of over 1000 acres and houses 1 lakh different species of plants - each of them cared with passion and systematic methods, harmless to the environment and maintained immaculately. The lush green look of our garden pleases the visitors' eyes and leave them enchanted by the riot of colors that various flowers present. All this is poosible because of our strict and uncompromising stand to nurture the plants with best available organic manure so as not compromise on the quality soil required by our plants. The nursery also deals in various types of pots, gardening tools, fertilizers and much more.

Apart from Landscaping and Plant Nursery, Thorat Nursery also has a collection of 20 Polyhouses ensuring a high quality yield of flowering and non-flowering plants throughout the year.

Resources and Team Force

Mr. Thorat is well and ably supported by a team of dedicated and talented hands who work towards a common objective - to grow best-in-class plants in the most caring manner. They are adept at meeting the increasing demand of its plantations like Indoor/Outdoor flowering Plants, shrubs, creepers, fruit plants,etc. We are a one-stop shop for all your nursery needs - right from technological acumen with modern cultivation techniques to complete plantation solution. We are blessed to have a team of highly diligent employees striving to meet our clients' needs and expectations. Our team members include trained farmers and highly qualified horticulturists who are well versed in all kinds of cultivation practice. They have expertise of soil testing, irrigation methods and many such farming methods. The team also possesses an in-depth knowledge on all aspects of Landscaping, Polyhouse as well as Plant Nursery.

Since we are privately owned, the concept of personal touch is very dear to us and that is reflected in the way we cater to our individual customers as well as huge corporations. We are situated in the fertile plains of Hivare Tarfe, Narayangaon, adjacent to the historical fort of Shivneri - a birthplace of the great Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Customers who visit us are so enchanted by the natural beauty of the surroundings, they are reluctant to go back to the hustle and bustle of their city life. Also please visit our outside sales area, located right on the highway. There's a well-stocked garden shop, a quality gift shop and a delightful tea room. All to make your day perfect, relaxing and complete!